My 366 project has a blip

I guess technically I’ve failed with my 366 project because on one day last week I was somewhat indisposed with no access to a camera.  I did actually take a picture on my iPad but decided it wasn’t suitable for publication.

That means there are only six photos this week and a number of these have a bit of an autumn feel to them.

Another pic of the day was a property picture – an interior shot of a kitchen in a house to let.  I was helping my sister out here because, as is often the case, the agent’s shots were pretty awful. When so many people see a house for the first time on-line, I can’t understand why estate agents/sellers don’t invest more in proper photography. Anyway, within a couple of days of getting the new pictures the house was let!

So, blip over, my 366 project continues and by the end of the year I should end up with 365 photos.  I’ll still be happy if I can get to that point without any more misses.


Property photo


Avenham Park


The River Ribble


Ashton Park


Wooden gate




Three weeks in pictures

It’s been a busy few weeks and I’ve not been able to do quite as much on the photography front as I would have liked.  I have still managed to take a photo a day though and my 366 project is still just about on track.

Next week may be even more of a challenge but we’ll just have to wait and see how things work out.

For now here is a gallery of images from the past 21 days. There are a couple of grandchildren pictures in the mix plus quite a few pictures from around Preston.

It’s a great time of year for pictures. We’ve just got to that point now when the trees are looking very autumnal and we’ve been fairly lucky with the weather too. I’ll be keeping a look out for pictures opportunities featuring the great warm colours of autumn in the days ahead. With a bit of luck I may even get to post my daily pictures on a more regular weekly basis!




Fuji X-T2 a thumbs up

The Run Preston 10k event was the first opportunity I have had to put the autofocus capabilities of the Fuji X-T2 to the test and it passed with flying colours.

There has been a lot said about the improvements made and the ability to configure the autofocus when in continuous shooting mode. Photographing runners was never going to be the most demanding of tasks for this camera but the light levels were pretty low at times and that always makes things a little tricky.

I was using the camera coupled with battery grip in boost mode and 50-140mm lens with the custom autofocus set on default number one position.

I was pleasantly surprised by the speed and accuracy of the focus even when ISO levels were as high as 4000 at times. There’s also a quality about the jpegs which I believe is a step up from the X-T1.

The hit rate achieved here was a new Personal Best. Click on any photo to enter slideshow.



366 day project, another week of pictures

This week my pictures come from closer to home. No trips away and five photos are of Preston.

For one reason or another, it’s been a bit of a struggle some days to just get out and take a single picture but thankfully the week is done!  I guess there was bound to be weeks like this over the course of a year.

One thing that these pictures have in common is that they have all been taken on the Fuji X-T2. It’s an improved version of the camera I normally use (the Fuji X-T1) and I’ve already noticed an improvement in autofocus performance so am looking forward to testing out a bit more.

Here’s this week’s pictures.


Walk in the park 


Lea Road view




Hint of Autumn


St Walburge’s Church


53 Degrees


On Beacon Fell




St Ives beaches

It sometimes seems like at every turn of a corner there is a beach to be found in St Ives.  Cornwall is renowned for its beautiful beaches and they don’t disappoint here.

One beach in particular (Porthmeor) is excellent for surfing and it always feels a little bit wild. Other beaches such as Porthminster, the Harbour beach and Porthgwidden are more sheltered.

Then there is Bamaluz beach which we can never remember the name of when we are there and usually just refer to it as ‘the dog beach’ because dogs are allowed on it all year round.

At low tide you can walk between many of the beaches, for example, Bamaluz, the harbour and Porthminster all become accessible usually with a bit of a paddle in the gently lapping waves. Here are a couple of photographs of each beach.









Porthgwidden Beach


Porthgwidden Beach













The Harbour


The Harbour








On the beach

A pic a day, taking in Cornwall

Having had some time away, this post includes two-week’s worth of pictures from my photo-a-day project. From the routine of Preston to the Cornwall resort of Bude and then onto the quaint, beautiful fishing harbour of St Ives.

St Ives has long been one of our favourite holiday destinations. Surrounded by sea and glorious beaches, there is something about the light that always makes St Ives feel brighter than other UK resorts.

The photographs start with a picture of a mural on the wall of Savick Library in Preston. They continue with a couple of sport images, from a 5k event in the local park to a pre-season friendly game for Preston North End Ladies football team.

There’s also a photo in there of our lovely grandson, Jude together  with his parents.

At some point soon, I’ll do a separate post with more photos from St Ives but for now here are the photos of the day from the last two weeks.


Savick Mural

Preston, United Kingdom. 27the August 2016. Runners turn out for

Run faster

PNE Ladies v Penwortham Town Ladies pre-season friendly lost 3-1

Ladies football


Focus of attention


The Ribble Pilot


The ‘Pepper Pot’, Bude


Sainsbury’s tunnel


Wet day, Bude


Small boat


On the beach






Thumbs Up


Flattened by rain


An afternoon in historic Tewkesbury

For us, Tewkesbury was a convenient place to stop off on a trip back from Cornwall. The town is probably best known for its magnificent abbey (and for the images of extensive flooding in 2007). Tewkesbury is pretty and it exudes history.

There are riverside walks plus plenty of attractive streets, buildings and alleyways to explore.  It’s a delightful place and, in truth, it deserved more than the few brief hours we managed on our journey home.

Here are a few pictures from our stop-over.