This Preston photographer thinks the Fuji X100 is a classic…

I remember getting my Fuji X100 – everything about those first impressions screamed quality. The packaging was a work of art, the precision built box, magnetic flap and black interior presented the camera beautifully. And then there was the camera itself. It’s got to be most tactile camera I’ve ever owned. Everyone who saw it wanted to hold it. It f    eels solid and as I am sure other  X100 owners will testify there’s something really nice about the X100 lens cap – not the practicality (it can be easily lost) but the felt lining on the inside of the cap that means when you push it onto the lens it silently glides into place, pushing out the air as it goes. So you get the picture – I sort of fell in love with the little X100 from day one and it soon became the go-to camera for any casual trip out.  Yes the camera has it’s little quirks and autofocus particularly in low light was a problem but that has been vastly improved through a number of firmware updates. Even now it would probably be the one camera I’d keep if I had to choose just one. (but then again I do love the X-Pro 1 too!).

Many photographers have mentioned how the X100 has reawakened their interest in photography.  I remember reading Damien Lovegrove’s review of the camera and thinking, I want one.  His superb images helped to sell it as well I have to say.

I’ve used the X100 for all sorts of photography. At one time I used to go on holiday or vacation as they say in the States with a full bag of Nikon gear but there’s something really liberating about travelling with just the X100. You don’t get noticed in the same way as you do with a big SLR around your neck but at the same time you can be confident that you will be getting some top quality images. The jpegs produced by the camera are superb. I’ve thought about upgrading to the news X100s but to be honest I am still happy with the X100. In fact I bet there are some really good second hand bargains out there for anyone who needs an excuse to get into the Fuji X-Series on the cheap.  Here are a few X100 pics as examples.


India Manchester Airport Urban Portrait Art in the Park


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