Easter Egg Rolling in Preston

Avenham Park in Preston is the location for a tradition that has been going on for hundreds of years. Easter egg rolling down the grassy slopes of the park is dominated these days by chocolate eggs but you still get a few decorated hard-boiled eggs flying down the slopes too.  It’s a tradition that is still going strong and today (Easter Monday) thousands turned out on what was one of the sunniest Easter Days that I can remember.

From a photographic point of view there was lots to see – apart from the masses of people there was bouncy castles, fairground rides and street performers (non of which I got to see in my short visit to the park).  Another notable fact about Avenham Park is that it is the place where the first Mormon converts outside of the US were baptised on the banks of the River Ribble and a plaque to commemorate this historical fact is located in the park.

This shot has been given a retro feel in Lightroom – for me this photo could just as easily have been taken in the 1970’s when I was growing up in the City. The camera was the X-Pro1with 55-200mm lens and I’d also taken out the X-E1 with 18mm lens fitted for the wider shots. It shows the children preparing for a mass Easter Egg roll.





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