Weddings and the Fuji X100, a perfect guest

For me there is no question about whether you can cover a wedding with the Fuji X series of cameras. I know the cameras are more than capable but at the same time there’s that strange feeling that the guests will be looking at you thinking he can’t be a proper photographer – he’s not got the obligatory couple of large (and heavy) SLRs around his neck.

So I thought I’d share my first experience of using a Fuji X series camera at a wedding but first I should admit I wasn’t the official photographer and it was my son’s wedding. I was actually under instructions to leave my cameras at home and enjoy the wedding – the logic being you can’t work and be an important part of the day as well.
I had to concede it was a fair point but for me you have to take photos at a wedding and one important guest for me was the superb Fuji X100.  It is a fantastic camera and throughout the day I snapped away while still enjoying myself enormously at was my son’s wedding day .
The photographs here show a few of the pictures captured on the X100, most are from my son’s wedding but I’ve also included a couple more examples from another wedding where I was the official photographer. The camera was perfect for the documentary type photography that is so popular at the moment.
Hope you like the pictures.
Wedding 2 Wedding 3 Wedding 4 Wedding 5 Wedding 6 Wedding Wed Dan and Tom -179 Dan and Tom -85

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