Fuji does London

Normally when I do a city break it’s in one of the warmer European locations and London gets overlooked, but not this time. After all London is one of the World’s greatest cities and people flock to it from across the globe so time to chance to do a bit of sightseeing on home-soil.

My preferred camera for my few days away was my trusty Fuji x-pro1 complete with the 18-55mm and 55-200mm zooms plus the x100 as back-up.  A pretty good travel combination capable of covering all eventualities.
The pictures I’ve posted here were taken over three days in the Capital and they capture some of the attractions that make London special.
Most of the pictures we’re taken with Fuji 55-200mm. It’s such a great lens for compressing perspective and picking out detail from a busy scene. I found myself pulling out the x100 more than anticipated too. It’s very discreet and perfect for when you want to look like every other tourist but still capture top quality shots.
Without doubt, London is a very cosmopolitan city with a fantastic mix of nationalities, cultures and  historic sites. Wherever you go people are taking photographs and the range of cameras on show is mind blowing.  I particularly liked the trend for mobile phone cameras on the end of an extending pole for that selfie with a difference!
I hope you like the pics.
 PAUL2777PAUL2768DSCF0251 PAUL2624DSCF0299 PAUL2647 PAUL2730 PAUL2753

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