A Fuji wedding and why I still needed my Nikon

In my mind there is no doubt at all that the Fuji X-series cameras are more than capable for wedding coverage and as I set out last weekend as second shooter on a big local wedding, my intention was to go Fuji all the way. So what changed?

The day started well. As second shooter I was covering the shots of the groom who was preparing for the event at a local hotel. This groom was organised and I met him at the agreed time, two hours ahead of the wedding to find that he was already in his wedding suit and ready to go.  The remainder of the groomsmen were not so easy to track down but we still managed to get some informal family shots as they started to gather in one of the rooms for the obligatory pre-wedding tipple.
All was going well at this point and the Fuji X-Pro1 and X-E1 we’re coping admirably. I was using the 18-55mm and 60mm lenses at this point. My strobe was a Nikon SB-900 which was being triggered by a Flashwave III trigger.
Next it was off to the church and still the Nikon D700 remained in the car as I switched to the  55-200mm zoom so that I could pick up some candid shots from the rear of the ceremony.  By the end of the service the rain had started and that leads me to the first reason why I had to reach for the Nikon. As the bride and groom left the church in their pony and trap my little Fuji was getting a good shower and I started to feel decidedly uncomfortable with using it in the inclement weather. Not that there was any problem from the camera I hasten to add and I may even consider the weather proof X-T1 at some point in the future.
As we got to the reception the rain started to fall even harder and it was now that I stopped to Nikon but there was another reason apart from the rain.
The reception was taking place in a marquee and by now light levels were getting quite low.  This meant I was going to need to use flash quite extensively and the TTL capabilities of the Nikon gear would be better suited to the varying distances and light levels within the marquee. I could have gone for an average exposure and worked with the LCD on the Fuji to check things were correctly exposed but sometimes you have to go with what is best for a particular situation.
Later in the day the rain stopped and the sun made an appearance. It was at this point that I switched back to Fuji. The reason for the switchback – I just love the image quality that the Fuji cameras deliver.  Together with fellow photographer Gail Hilton I think we survived the day and I hope the bride and groom like their photos.
Here you can see some of the shots I took during the day. I’d love to know what you think.
DSCF4849  DSCF4883 DSCF4877  DSCF4937  DSCF4947  PAUL3061 PAUL3068DSCF4799DSCF4892_MEL7285

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