Flower Power with the Fuji 60mm

The sun is out and the flowers too so what better way to spend a couple of hours than wondering about the garden with my 60mm Fujinon macro lens. It might not be a true macro but you can get in close and it,s good for picking out details.  Depth of field is very shallow with these lenses when you get in close and trying to capture a bee landing on a flower could have kept me busy all afternoon!

For some of these shots I stopped the Lens down and turned up the ISO to ensure I maintained a reasonable shutter speed as there was a slight breeze which added to the challenge. On other shots, such as the black and white shot I was wide open and I really like the softness that this lens gives to the out of focus areas.

2 thoughts

    • Hi Paolo – thanks for your comments. No I didn’t use a tripod for the shots but I did try and keep the shutter speed up fairly high. I was shooting around ISO800 and the average speed was probably around 1/1000. ISO isn’t a problem with these cameras so I don’t worry about using this approach to try and keep the pictures sharp. with the slight breeze I’d still have need that sort of speed anyway.


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