First impressions of the Fuji XF10-24mm

These days I use my Fuji X-series cameras almost exclusively and it was with this in mind that I took the decision to sell my Nikon 16-35mm f4 VR lens and replace it with Fuji’s new XF10-24mm lens.

Both lenses are f4 and both include image stabilisation plus the angle of view on the smaller sensor is roughly the same.
My first impression on opening the box was that the Fuji is quite large as an XF series lens but is still only around half the size of the Nikon lens it replaced.
The lens feels well built and this is reflected in the weight but it feels ok attached to my x-pro1 and I think this is a lens that I will be using a lot.  My other favourite lens is the 55-200mm and I can see myself using these two lenses for most of my general day-to-day shooting.
These shots here are some of my first pictures with this lens.  I’ll post a few more when I’ve given it a bit more of a work out.
PAUL3661 PAUL3596 PAUL3673 PAUL3622 PAUL3614