Pet Portraits

Just for clarity I think I should point out that all the photographs taken in this post were taken on my Nikon D700 and not my Fuji gear.
These days that’s quite unusual.  Since I bought my first Fuji (the x100) the Nikon gear has hardly had a look in and I’ve even sold a couple of Nikon lenses to fund further Fuji purchases.
There are however occasions when I still feel the need to turn to the big Nikon and this pet portraits shoot was one such occasion where I felt the auto focus speed of the D700 would be better suited. After all, trying to capture half a dozen dogs running around the countryside was going to be a challenge for any camera – not to mention the photographer!
My Fuji cameras are currently the X-E1 and X-Pro1, not the fastest focussing cameras in the Fuji series.  Oh how I wished I’d bought the XT-1 – it would certainly have been my camera of choice for this job had I had it.
Instead, I used the D700 and the 80-200mm f2.8 lens for most of my shots and boy did I notice the weight difference.  It’s a great camera and lens combination but my back pain is only just subsiding after a number of days.
It’s certainly got me thinking about whether the X-T1 is as good as people say.  Is it time to off load my Nikon gear altogether? Do I wait to see what the X-Pro2 might bring? Decisions, decisions!
Here are a selection of shots from the Nikon then.  There were plenty of missed shots and the continuous focus capabilities in the low light were not as good as I’d remembered but it was an interesting day out with a nice bunch of dog owners and their pets.  Let’s hope they like the pics!
_MEL7593 _MEL7601 _MEL7605 _MEL7725 _MEL7749 _MEL7839-Edit _MEL7842 _MEL7951

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