Fuji X-T1 runs with the big boys

Last weekend I was out taking photographs of a run in Preston City Centre where I live.  There were two races, a 5k and a 10k and around 1500 runners were taking part. One of the things you notice at these types of events is the number of semi-professional photographers that cover them – many do their best to look official with their fluorescent jackets emblazoned with their name and the word ‘photographer’.
All of the assembled photographer were using Canon or Nikon gear and I’m certainly not knocking it – not so long ago my go to camera for this event would have been the Nikon D700 with a couple of lenses but for me it will now be the X-T1 every time.
I was confident after a couple of try outs that my Fuji X-T1 would be up to the job.  The smaller size was quite liberating and I felt at ease quietly going about my business and being ignored by the big boys who to a certain extent seemed to be competing against each other for the saleable pics.
My job for the day was to capture some images for BlogPreston, a popular on-line news source locally and around 40 of my images have been published on the site.
As regards the X-T1, it performed really well. It didn’t nail it every time but that was usually because the subject was off centre when I started shooting but the number of keepers was, in my opinion, equal to or better than I would have got from the Nikon gear.
For these shots I was on Continuous Focus with the High-Speed shooting set.
The shots below are some black and white versions of photos captured during the run. All in all I’m delighted with the focussing capabilities of this camera and I’m loving the fact that it is much lighter than my D700.
1PJM0829-2 1PJM1061-2 1PJM1003 1PJM1021 1PJM1043 1PJM1081 1PJM1115 1PJM1226 1PJM1310 1PJM1440 1PJM1528 1PJM1544

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