Fuji X and Off-Camera Flash Portraits

One of the often talked about weaknesses of the Fuji X system is the lack of a comprehensive flash system.  As a previous Nikon user I have often relied on the their Creative Lighting System with its TTL capabilities.  These capabilities come in handy when you are photographing at a wedding for example and the distance to the subject is constantly changing but its really not such a big deal when you are shooting a set of portraits.

Here I was using my Fuji X-T1 with two Nikon flash units (SB-900 and SB-600) but this time everything was set on manual.  So it was quarter power for my main light the SB-900 through a 60cm softbox and1/16 power for the SB-600 which I was using in the main with a shoot-thro umbrella. I use Flash-Wave III remote triggers which work really well and their small size doesn’t look silly on the diminutive X-series cameras.

I started out metering the flash exposure with my little Sekonic L-308s but in all honesty it’s easy enough to gauge exposure on the back of the camera by looking at the results.

The model here is my friends daughter, not a professional model but a very pretty young lady who did a fantastic job.


1PJM2622 1PJM2628 1PJM2657 1PJM2696 1PJM2704-2 1PJM2707-2



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