Slow Train Coming

I had the Fuji X-T1 set to Continuous focus and shooting, ready for the train that was about to arrive around the bend.  This was the first steam gala weekend for the Ribble Steam Railway and I was there more by luck than anything. I was just out for a walk when I heard the familiar toot of the whistle from the locomotive.  Having hurried to the side of the track I joined a number of other onlookers poised with their cameras and waited.

The train took an age to arrive and when it did arrive it must have been speeding along at a full 10mph but at least it wasn’t too challenging to picture!  I took a few pictures and carried on with my walk then on the return journey I got some more pics but with a different engine attached.  There’s a certain romance about these trains and the smell of the coal burning as they pass by pumping out their steam takes me back a few years to my first train journeys as a child – showing my age now!




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