It started in India

My love affair with the Fuji X series of cameras started with the x100 when I visited India and it’s a camera that I still use regularly today.  The x100 came along at a time when cameras seemed to be getting more simplistic and more ‘plasticky’ Fuji gave us a camera with a classic design, with manual controls and professional build quality to match.  It immediately became a firm favourite of mine and I started leaving my heavy Nikon D700 at home, opting instead for the convenience of the x100, which could be easily slipped into a pocket.  It’s worth mentioning that I was only prepared to do this because the quality of images produced by the x100 is so good and you have the added benefit of being discrete, especially out on the street.

The images below were taken in 2013 not long after I acquired the x100.  They are a good example of the type of environment in which the x100 excels.  In the busy streets of Old Delhi I clearly wasn’t a local and it wouldn’t have felt appropriate to be snapping away with a large SLR.  Here the x100 allowed me to be fairly discrete and I was able to capture the hustle and bustle without anyone paying me too much attention.

Today my Nikon gear has gradually been replaced by the Fuji x-series kit including the fabulous X-T1.




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