Beautiful Scotland (Part 2)

The scenery is gorgeous don’t you think?  You really can’t beat Scotland for drama and here I’ve posted another gallery of images taken with the Fuji X-T1 and 10-24mm lens, with a couple of images from Fuji’s 55-200mm zoom lens for good measure.

These two lenses probably covered 95 percent of the pictures I took on my week in Scotland and they coped admirably as you would expect. There’s something about the Scottish landscape that pulls you back time and time again, despite the unpredictable weather.  I’m already thinking about a return but not sure when I will get chance – hopefully soon.




2 thoughts

  1. Hi Paul, your work is beautiful but I have to say the gigantic watermark in the middle of each photograph has spoiled my experience. It’s seriously distracting. I understand the need for a watermark but I think you could achieve the same thing with something less obtrusive. I hope to get to Scotland sometime myself.


    • Thanks For the comments Steven. I do agree the watermark is a bit distracting and I’m not keen on it myself but I have found my photos used without permission before now in magazines where a smaller watermark in the corner had simply been cropped off. I will look at making it fainter though. Thanks again for taking time to comment.


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