Close-up on nature with the Fuji 60mm

In the UK it’s the height of Summer at the moment and the hedgerows and meadows have come alive with flowers, insects and butterflies. So, on a gorgeous, sunny day I took a walk down the tow-path of the Lancaster Canal close to where I live to see what I could snap.

My close-up lens of choice these days is the Fuji 60mm. It’s not a true macro lens in that it can’t capture little critters at 1:1 magnification but you can still get close enough and with a bit of cropping it can produce great results.  Fuji have recently introduced a set of extension tubes for an even closer view but I haven’t splashed the cash  just yet!

My walk took in a half-mile stretch of canal and I managed to find four different butterflies, damselflies, bees and the wonderful ‘Heineken Fly’, named, would you believe because it’s snout can reach nectar that other hover-flies cannot reach – I kid you not.


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