Morris Dancing their way to a new world record

This weekend I’ve been taking in a bit of traditional morris dancing and I even had the privilege of witnessing a new Guinness World Record.  The world record attempt took place on Preston’s historic Flag Market and was part of a weekend of celebration to mark the 21st birthday of local Morris Dance troupe ‘Stone the Crows’.

Morris Dancing groups from across Britain came together for the event and subject to official confirmation, managed to set a new world record by having 145 dancers perform together for over five minutes. It doesn’t sound that difficult but apparently the previous record had stood since 1999!

So, that was Saturday and congratulations to all involved.

The second encounter with these intrepid folk dancers was in Worden Park at Leyland, the home-base of Stone the Crows.  It was a fine sunny day and the park was the perfect setting for more rythmic stepping, clacking of sticks and jingling of bells.

All the pictures here were taken with either the Fuji X-Pro1 fitted with a 10-24mm lens or the Fuji X-T1 with 50-140mm lens.


3 thoughts

  1. Your images show that this was an event well worth attending. I’m fairly new to Preston, I follow Preston Blog and check out Twitter updates but so often only find out about events AFTER they have happened. What’s best way of finding about about things? Kindest regards, Helen.


    • Hi Helen. I normally pick up on things through Twitter and Blog Preston but only picked up on the Morris Dancing thing that morning. It was at the event in Preston that I heard them mention Worden Park the following day. I’m sure I probably miss lots too!


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