Fuji’s weather proofing just the ticket for busking festival

I woke up and checked the weather, it was a cold, dark and damp day. Not the best start for Preston’s first ever busking event.

From a photography viewpoint it could also make things difficult. I mean, no one really wants to stand in the rain taking pictures. One thing I did have in my favour however was the fact that I would be using the weather resistant Fuji X-T1 and 50-140mm lens.

I invested in the 50-140mm lens for my corporate work and it is a fantastic piece of kit. The selling point for me being the fast f2.8 aperture and superb image stabilisation, both vital when shooting events in low light or natural, candid portraits of people at work. I also own the 55-200mm lens which has more reach but no weather proofing, so that was staying home and dry on this occasion.

Fortunately (for the performers at least) there was a small covered stage area for the busking festival performances and rather oddly, the audience’s covered area was about 50 feet away.  This meant frequent dashes out from under the covers to grab a few shots of the artists. In all honesty, the weather wasn’t too bad and there were some dry spells but you can’t help but feel for the organisers and performers when all your hard work is at the mercy of the British weather.

Here is a selection of pictures taken. You can see the rain on some of the images if you look closely.

The event was organised by Community Help Africa/UK and money raised is going to help underprivileged people in Africa and the UK achieve their full potential.

I was covering the event for Blog Preston.


Lakeland views – Fuji’s 18mm still a great lens

With a couple of days in the English Lake District booked, I wanted to travel light. This was a short break and not a trip dedicated purely to photography, so I packed the trusty Fuji X-Pro1 together with the 35mm and 18mm prime lenses. The pictures here were all taken with the 18mm lens which with its wide angle of view was ideal for the landscape shots.

I have to admit that the 18mm lens has been a bit neglected recently and that’s down to the fact that I also own the excellent Fujinon 10-24mm zoom, which offers a bit more flexibility. The price to pay for that flexibility though is added bulk and weight, certainly not a characteristic of the 18mm, which is super light and tiny by comparison.

Do you have a lens that is a bit under used? I enjoyed my little trip away and for me the 18mm has certainly been ‘rediscovered’.









Fuji 50-140mm made for gig night

Earlier this week I was invited along to a gig night at a local college. Typically these events are fairly dark affairs requiring low shutter speeds and high ISO. For me that meant packing the Fuji X-T1 and 50-140mm f2.8 zoom to give me the best chance of capturing some images.

When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find the students had also decided to provide lots of coloured lights on stage, not subtle lighting but it was going to make my task somewhat easier and it was certainly better than many of the pub bars where musicians tend to play.

It was billed as an acoustic gig night and on that front I really enjoyed the performances of two female singer/songwriters, Sally Hamriding and Charlotte Lily. One of my favourite artists at the moment is Lucy Rose, her first album is one I still play regularly. Sally and Charlotte may only just be setting off on their music journey but both impressed with their own songs and it would be great to think they may have their own album out one day. I’ll be watching out for these young singers on the gig circuit and hope to catch them again soon.

The camera was set on Auto ISO with values varying between around 800 and 2000. The minimum shutter speed was set to 1/160.