Lakeland views – Fuji’s 18mm still a great lens

With a couple of days in the English Lake District booked, I wanted to travel light. This was a short break and not a trip dedicated purely to photography, so I packed the trusty Fuji X-Pro1 together with the 35mm and 18mm prime lenses. The pictures here were all taken with the 18mm lens which with its wide angle of view was ideal for the landscape shots.

I have to admit that the 18mm lens has been a bit neglected recently and that’s down to the fact that I also own the excellent Fujinon 10-24mm zoom, which offers a bit more flexibility. The price to pay for that flexibility though is added bulk and weight, certainly not a characteristic of the 18mm, which is super light and tiny by comparison.

Do you have a lens that is a bit under used? I enjoyed my little trip away and for me the 18mm has certainly been ‘rediscovered’.










4 thoughts

  1. Great shots. I have friends that live near Keswick, so I recognise the area.

    I also own the XF18mm and use it when I want to travel light with my XT10. I bought mine used for about £150, which seemed a bit of a bargain.

    Did you use any filters with any of these shots like a polariser with the dead tree shot or ND Grad for the B&W lake shot with the gate at the bottom left?

    Dif you use any


    • No filters on camera – the shots are all standard jpegs but with some adjustment in Lightroom. The dead tree shot was just a bit of vibrance and clarity added. The b/w shot was adjusted with the graduated filter control to darken the sky down slightly and add some clarity/contrast. I’ve also added a vignette. Thanks for the comments.


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