My 366 challenge with Fuji – week 2


I’ve been out and about with my Fuji cameras again this week and it’s another diverse set of pictures. Everything from cityscapes,  to still-life, and even a couple of selfies which featured in the last seven days.

I’m not normally one for appearing in front of the camera, but the challenge of coming up with a picture everyday called for desperate measures. I think I may need a few willing volunteers in the course of the year to get through to day 366. Let me know if you are interested in featuring. Either that or you’ll be seeing more of me!

Day 14’s picture is a sunny day shot in Preston. It felt nice to see some blue sky after what seems like two weeks of constant rain. I’m really looking forward to the summer element of this challenge.

As in my Week One post, all the pictures were taken using Fuji X series cameras and lenses which are the only cameras I now use. For flash photography I still use Nikon units, usually in manual mode with radio triggers.

Pop back next week to see what week three brings or you can check on my daily uploads via my Flickr page here.





Preston City Centre


Car Park


The mansion on the hill




Parallel Lines




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