Seven days, seven photos

Here are my latest pictures from my 366 day challenge. Another seven pictures but it’s been a difficult week to get through and I’m not entirely happy with the week’s photographs.

A few of this week’s photographs were ‘make-do’ pictures. The ones I’m not really happy with are the frozen reeds and the colourful pegs. I think it is because the images were easily obtained. I also feel that The Tithebarn and Mary’s Shell pictures could have been better. Perhaps I’ll revisit these images later in the year.

And, if I’m being critical, which I am, I also think the Boat Crane picture is a bit gimmicky with the blurred clouds.

I think I’m happier when the pictures take a little more effort to get but that is probably just me feeling like I’ve worked to get the image.

The one image that did work as planned is the Telephone Box. I also did another version of this picture where I placed myself in the image and used some off-camera flash but chose this one in the end.

As usual, all the pictures here were taken with either my Fuji X-Pro1 or X-T1 cameras.



Frost on reeds


Mary’s Shell


The Tithebarn


The Boat Crane


Agfa Isolette


Clothes Pegs



Another week of images with one-pic-a-day

Another week gone on my photo-a-day challenge and this week’s pictures take me up to the 50 images mark.

My favourite picture of the week is a portrait that I took of my grandson with his great grandad. A lovely family portrait, if I do say so myself!

I also took on a bit of a sports photography challenge when I tried out the Fuji X-T1 and 50-140mm lens at a women’s football match. It’s harder than you think capturing moving subjects but I did manage to capture our local team shooting for goal to open the scoring.

I also managed an early morning visit to Lytham St Annes on the Fylde coast for a dawn picture of a ruined landing jetty on the beach.  It’s always a bit hit and miss with the weather but this time I was lucky and it was a beautiful daybreak.

Add to that, a picture of a tree full of kids in the Lake District, a bit of dressage, a picture of a local museum threatened with closure, a bit of architectural detail and it has been another varied week of pictures.

I hope you enjoy my pictures. If you have any special requests for future pictures of the day, let me know and I may just try to take on the challenge!


Freestyle Dressage


The first goal


They grow on trees

UK Weather.. Sunny start to the day in Lytham St Annes

Lytham St Annes


Miller Arcade


The Museum of Lancashire

Visit to the Lake District

It was only a day trip but we were lucky with the weather. A crisp, sunny day but it is half-term week and that means lots of visitors. We arrived fairly early before the majority of day visitors and as we were leaving at lunch time, traffic was backing up on the approach road to Keswick.

Here are a few pictures from today, all taken with the Fuji X-T1 and Fuji X-Pro1.


Ashness Bridge


The Children Tree


Ashness Bridge






Shore of Derwent Water


Shore of Derwent Water


Off Camera flash portraits with the Fuji X-T1

If I’m shooting portraits with the Fuji X-T1 and I want to use off-camera flash I will normally use wireless triggers coupled with my old Nikon flash units (Sb-600 and Sb-900).

For these family portraits both these flash units were firing through soft boxes, an Octagonal, umbrella type one to camera right and a small Lastolite softbox camera left – positioned slightly behind my subjects.

My favourite lens for portraits is the Fujinon 50-140mm f2.8 and for these shots I was shooting around the 50mm end of the zoom range at f8. I used a flash meter to gauge the exposure but in all honesty it’s easy to check the screen on the back of the camera and adjust the exposure to suit.

The wireless triggers I use are the Flashwave III make which I like because the transmitter which sits on top of the camera is small and doesn’t look silly on the diminutive Fuji cameras.

On the subject of flash with the Fuji x-series, I’m really looking forward to seeing what the  new Fuji dedicated flash units have to offer when they are released – hopefully soon.

Here are a few photographs from the session.





Women’s Football Pictures

Sport photography is not something I’ve done much so I thought it would be nice to rectify that. When I saw that the Preston North End Women’s Football Club, Development Squad were playing close by this afternoon I went along with my camera.

The PNE women were playing Stockport Ladies FC and it was an entertaining game with five goals. The home team raced into a two goal lead with ‘man-of-the match’ Olivia Askam grabbing both goals. She was a constant threat and I was impressed with her skill.

Credit to Stockport in the second half. They came back strongly and levelled the game up but Preston kept pushing for a winner and it came with just a few minutes left on the clock.

An enjoyable game and a good bit of photography practice too. Double Click on any of the images below to run as a slideshow.




Hanging in there with a picture a day

Three black and white pictures, more images of Preston and a wet dog portrait are among this week’s photographs; all part of my 366 day challenge and as usual, all pictures were taken using the Fuji X-Series of cameras and lenses.

It has been a tough week, motivation wise. It’s been a bit of an effort on some days to go out and take the picture, especially when it’s cold and wet but I’ve made it through week six.

One of the things I keep meaning to organise is more portraits shots. I’ve just not got around to it.  I probably just need to persuade a few more ‘victims’.

I’m also keen to capture more images of the North-West.  As Spring approaches and the weather hopefully gets better, I’ll be aiming to get out of Preston a bit more.

I upload my daily pictures to Flickr, along with various additional shots and you can check these pictures out here.


Avenham Park




Preston Guild Hall


The Media Building


Flash Light



Cold days, dark nights and my week 5 photos are here…

Into February and my photo-a-day challenge is continuing. This last week has again featured a mix of picture opportunities and styles. At the beginning of the week I was photographing an event in Preston on a very cold Winter’s night where actor, radio presenter and DJ, Craig Charles was entertaining the crowds with his funk and soul set. A picture of Craig made the Saturday upload.

Other photos this week involved getting up and out early to catch the sunrise. One day was a success in that the sun did shine, while the other day turned out to be wet. Ironically, it is the photo of Preston Bus Station taken on that wet day which has proved to be the most popular in terms of the number of ‘favourites’ it received on the Flickr site.

The main camera used for this week’s shots has again been the excellent Fuji X-Pro1 with mainly the 10-24mm wide angle lens. There is a new version of this camera out now and I’d really love to give it a try out but I’m not sure I can justify the expense.


Preston Marina


Craig Charles


Checking Flickr


Preston Docks


Lytham Windmill