Cold days, dark nights and my week 5 photos are here…

Into February and my photo-a-day challenge is continuing. This last week has again featured a mix of picture opportunities and styles. At the beginning of the week I was photographing an event in Preston on a very cold Winter’s night where actor, radio presenter and DJ, Craig Charles was entertaining the crowds with his funk and soul set. A picture of Craig made the Saturday upload.

Other photos this week involved getting up and out early to catch the sunrise. One day was a success in that the sun did shine, while the other day turned out to be wet. Ironically, it is the photo of Preston Bus Station taken on that wet day which has proved to be the most popular in terms of the number of ‘favourites’ it received on the Flickr site.

The main camera used for this week’s shots has again been the excellent Fuji X-Pro1 with mainly the 10-24mm wide angle lens. There is a new version of this camera out now and I’d really love to give it a try out but I’m not sure I can justify the expense.


Preston Marina


Craig Charles


Checking Flickr


Preston Docks


Lytham Windmill




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