Seven days, seven photos

Here are my latest pictures from my 366 day challenge. Another seven pictures but it’s been a difficult week to get through and I’m not entirely happy with the week’s photographs.

A few of this week’s photographs were ‘make-do’ pictures. The ones I’m not really happy with are the frozen reeds and the colourful pegs. I think it is because the images were easily obtained. I also feel that The Tithebarn and Mary’s Shell pictures could have been better. Perhaps I’ll revisit these images later in the year.

And, if I’m being critical, which I am, I also think the Boat Crane picture is a bit gimmicky with the blurred clouds.

I think I’m happier when the pictures take a little more effort to get but that is probably just me feeling like I’ve worked to get the image.

The one image that did work as planned is the Telephone Box. I also did another version of this picture where I placed myself in the image and used some off-camera flash but chose this one in the end.

As usual, all the pictures here were taken with either my Fuji X-Pro1 or X-T1 cameras.



Frost on reeds


Mary’s Shell


The Tithebarn


The Boat Crane


Agfa Isolette


Clothes Pegs



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