A week of daily photos

Almost forgot to upload last week’s photos of the day but here they are including Mrs M’s favourite perfume which made an appearance on one day. In my defence, it had been a wet day and I needed the pic!

Other pictures included three photos taken around dusk or as the sun was setting.  This time of day, just after the sun has set is known as ‘blue hour’ and is the best time to capture the night lights while some daylight still remains in the sky.

This week I have also been doing some portrait photography for the legal team at BAE Systems at Samlesbury. I haven’t included any of these photos but a black and white picture of my brother-in-law did make it into the daily photos.

All pictures were taken with my Fuji X Series cameras.

You can view all the year’s photos of the day so far here.



River Ribble Sunset


Chanel No5


Masjid -e-Salam


Canal Bridge


Jaguar dealer, Preston


Talking head


Super Heroes in local park

This weekend I was out with my Fuji X-T1 and 50-140mm lens when I stumbled across a charity run in the local park.

The event was in support of the ‘Our Local Heroes Foundation’ and it brought young and some not-so-young super heroes out in force  for a 5k and 1k fun run.

The Foundation helps ex-servicemen and women to overcome setbacks.

You can find the bulk of my photos from the event on Blog Preston here but I thought I’d have a play around with a few of the images and create some black and white or toned versions.  These are the ones I tweaked.

Seven days and seven more photos

I feel like it’s been a better week for pictures.  The fine Spring weather helped as did starting to feel better after being wiped out for a week or so with a bad cold.

It wasn’t all about Preston this week either. There was a visit to the coast at Blackpool to try and catch a good sunset.  I was lucky with one of the most colourful sunsets in a while. As an added bonus I also got to see the mesmerising murmuration of thousands of Starlings as they prepared to settle down for the night. Definitely one of my favourite photos of the day. (See my previous post for more pictures of this lovely event).

There was also a visit to Skipton, an ancient market town in West Yorkshire. Skipton is known for having one of the best preserved Norman castles in the country. The castle dates back to 1090 and the entrance on a bright sunny day was my photo of the day on Wednesday.

Another short trip out to the Brockholes Nature Reserve provided another picture. The floating visitor centre is a popular attraction locally and it is a building I’ve pictured a few times before.  This time the cloudy sky and the sun lighting the buildings provided just enough drama to create an interesting picture.

As usual, all the pictures here were taken with either the Fuji X-Pro1 or Fuji X-T1 cameras.



The Pig and Whistle


Sunlit Flowers


Brockholes Nature Reserve


Emergency Department

Blackpool, Lancashire, UK. 14 March 2016. UK Weather. Thousands



Walking the dog

Sunset and murmurations with the Fuji 50-140mm lens

It’s a fascinating sight, if not a little spooky. Thousands upon thousands of Starlings swirling and swooping together around Blackpool’s North Pier as they get ready to settle down for the night.

These murmurations, as they are known, happen in both urban areas and countryside. There’s actually a murmuration season, late autumn through winter, as our local starlings are boosted by their European cousins coming here to escape the Scandinavian winter. No doubt many of these Starlings in Blackpool will be preparing to make their way back to Scandinavia as the weather starts to improve.

It was a pleasure to watch and the stunning sunset didn’t harm either!

These images were captured with the Fuji X-T1 with 50-140mm lens.


Starlings gathering


Starlings on Blackpool beach


North Pier




Another week’s pictures (just!)

Things can change a lot in seven days. The week started with a flurry of snow. It didn’t last long. No more than a few hours in fact, but it did result in my picture of the day. A poor cyclist who must have been wishing he’d remembered his gloves, head down into the snow!

The next day I photographed a singer in the city centre. I don’t know her name but she was making an effort to cover a Whitney Houston classic as I was passing. It was worth of a picture.

Then things went down-hill. A cold bug meant I struggled and didn’t really get out much for the second half of the week. It was a case of photographing what was at hand.

Let’s see what next week brings.



Sick note


The Caravan Gallery



UK Weather. A bright, sunny start to the day in Preston

Preston Marina


Spring bulbs


Local singer


Up on Skippool Creek

It was a clear night and I’ve meaning to go out and take some pictures with a starry night sky for a while so I headed out to Skippool Creek.

It feels like a place that time has forgot and it always reminds me of the Bob Dylan song, hence the title of this blog post. Locally it’s known as a bit of boat cemetery and you can see why.

When I arrived it felt like it was pitch black, exactly what I’d been hoping for but as my eyes adjusted to the light it soon became apparent that there was actually quite a lot of ambient light coming from roads in the distance and houses nearby. Still I was determined to get a few shots.

I was using my Fuji X-T1 together with 18mm f2 lens – the fastest wide-angle I own and if it had been pitch black as I’d hoped this would have been my best lens choice.  As it happens I was getting away with an ISO speed of around 800 and an aperture of around f4 with a 20-30 second exposure.

I’ve another location in mind for some night photography so there may be more images to come when we get some more clear nights.


Out and about with my Fuji gear for another week of pictures

Sport with the Fuji X-T1 plus 50-140mm lens, flowers, a couple of night shots and a selfie, all part of my 366 challenge this week. Plus there’s a nod to World Book Day with a few of my favourite photo books featuring.

It must be nearly Spring because flowers featured in two of my pictures this week. Ok they were cut flowers rather than outdoor plants but I feel like warmer weather is just around the corner.

I started the week off with a studio style selfie. The weather was bad and it always good to practice different lighting set up plus I needed you daily pic!

This week I also attempted sports photography again when I took in a game of American football.  I’d no idea what was happening but I quite enjoyed the atmosphere and was pleased with the results. My Fuji 50-140mm lens got me a bit closer to the action but it would have been nice to try out Fuji’s latest lens a 100-400mm telephoto. It sounds like a fabulous lens.

And, just as I predicted the weather would start to get better, we had a morning of snow but that picture will be featuring next week.



Ships & Giggles


The Holiday Inn


World Book Day

Calla Zantedeschia

Calla Zantedeschia


Fading rose


Orange Juice