Up on Skippool Creek

It was a clear night and I’ve meaning to go out and take some pictures with a starry night sky for a while so I headed out to Skippool Creek.

It feels like a place that time has forgot and it always reminds me of the Bob Dylan song, hence the title of this blog post. Locally it’s known as a bit of boat cemetery and you can see why.

When I arrived it felt like it was pitch black, exactly what I’d been hoping for but as my eyes adjusted to the light it soon became apparent that there was actually quite a lot of ambient light coming from roads in the distance and houses nearby. Still I was determined to get a few shots.

I was using my Fuji X-T1 together with 18mm f2 lens – the fastest wide-angle I own and if it had been pitch black as I’d hoped this would have been my best lens choice.  As it happens I was getting away with an ISO speed of around 800 and an aperture of around f4 with a 20-30 second exposure.

I’ve another location in mind for some night photography so there may be more images to come when we get some more clear nights.



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