Seven days and seven more photos

I feel like it’s been a better week for pictures.  The fine Spring weather helped as did starting to feel better after being wiped out for a week or so with a bad cold.

It wasn’t all about Preston this week either. There was a visit to the coast at Blackpool to try and catch a good sunset.  I was lucky with one of the most colourful sunsets in a while. As an added bonus I also got to see the mesmerising murmuration of thousands of Starlings as they prepared to settle down for the night. Definitely one of my favourite photos of the day. (See my previous post for more pictures of this lovely event).

There was also a visit to Skipton, an ancient market town in West Yorkshire. Skipton is known for having one of the best preserved Norman castles in the country. The castle dates back to 1090 and the entrance on a bright sunny day was my photo of the day on Wednesday.

Another short trip out to the Brockholes Nature Reserve provided another picture. The floating visitor centre is a popular attraction locally and it is a building I’ve pictured a few times before.  This time the cloudy sky and the sun lighting the buildings provided just enough drama to create an interesting picture.

As usual, all the pictures here were taken with either the Fuji X-Pro1 or Fuji X-T1 cameras.



The Pig and Whistle


Sunlit Flowers


Brockholes Nature Reserve


Emergency Department

Blackpool, Lancashire, UK. 14 March 2016. UK Weather. Thousands



Walking the dog


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