A week of daily photos

Almost forgot to upload last week’s photos of the day but here they are including Mrs M’s favourite perfume which made an appearance on one day. In my defence, it had been a wet day and I needed the pic!

Other pictures included three photos taken around dusk or as the sun was setting.  This time of day, just after the sun has set is known as ‘blue hour’ and is the best time to capture the night lights while some daylight still remains in the sky.

This week I have also been doing some portrait photography for the legal team at BAE Systems at Samlesbury. I haven’t included any of these photos but a black and white picture of my brother-in-law did make it into the daily photos.

All pictures were taken with my Fuji X Series cameras.

You can view all the year’s photos of the day so far here.



River Ribble Sunset


Chanel No5


Masjid -e-Salam


Canal Bridge


Jaguar dealer, Preston


Talking head


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