Fuji X-T1 catches marathon man

During the week I went along to photograph marathon runner Ben Smith running through Avenham Park in Preston as part of his world record attempt.

I knew the route and was ready with my Fuji X-T1 and 50-140mm zoom lens.  I’d set the camera on Auto ISO but had manually set the shutter to 1/500 and the aperture to f5.6. The camera was also set in ‘motor drive’ mode with continuous autofocus selected.

The location I picked for the photo was early on in the route and I chose it because I liked the avenue of trees that Ben and the supporting group would be running through.

What I hadn’t anticipated was that Ben wouldn’t be at the centre, front of the group.  I do like the group shot but Ben is over on the left hand side and that meant trying to capture him as he ran past where I was stood. A real challenge for any cameras auto-focus system but as you can see from the image below, the Fuji combination nailed it and I got a couple of good pictures of Ben who even smiled for the camera.

Ben is aiming to run 401 marathons in 401 consecutive days as part of his world record attempt. The marathons are being run around 309 different locations across the UK mainland. This was marathon 213 of the challenge and Ben received tremendous support from local running clubs.

The challenge aims to raise both awareness of the issues of bullying in our society along with £250,000 for the Stonewall and Kidscape charities. Both these charities work to support award winning initiatives which really get to the heart of bullying in our UK schools and society in all its forms.

You can find out more about Ben’s 401 Challenge and how he is doing here.


Preston, UK. Marathon Runner’s World Record Attempt

Ben Smith


Ben Smith and local running groups take on the marathon challenge in Preston







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