The Pooley Bridge is now better

We’ve just got back from a couple of days away in the Lake District, staying at Pooley Bridge. Unfortunately the village lost its famous bridge during the 2015 storms.  The picturesque, old stone bridge was washed away by the flood waters but there is now a new bridge in place. It’s not as pretty and is only supposed to be a temporary solution but it works and I can’t see it changing any time soon.

From Pooley Bridge you can catch the steamer and take a cruise up Ullswater to Glennriding.  A popular option among visitors is to take the steamer to Howtown which is midway and then walk back along the lake but we didn’t bother with that this time.

Another popular visitor spot close to the lake is the National Trust site ‘Aira Force’ – essentially a medium sized waterfall which, to be honest, is not that impressive.

Here are a few black and white photographs from our visit…



St Paul’s Church


The new Pooley Bridge


Aira Force


Ullswater steamer at Pooley Bridge


Ullswater view


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