Seven more days, seven more pictures

You’d think the better weather and longer days would make this 366 project easier.  It did mean that I managed to fit in a few days away in the Lake District and that trip provided three of last week’s pictures.

My other pictures from the week included shots that were dictated by the weather because it felt more like November than May at times. The shot of the bus station car park was one such picture where getting out of the rain was the deciding factor on the day.

Another picture from last week is an action shot of two guys taking part in a skating marathon.  This picture uses a technique called panning which aims to keep the subject sharp but blurs the background providing a better impression of speed.  It takes a bit of practice to find the correct shutter speed and I think my technique would improve with more practice.

The next month or so is going to be busy but hopefully I can still find the time for the photo a day among a few commercial and portrait shoots. I don’t want to fail now!


Bug on flower


Rain on table


Poor E32


The Ullswater steamer



Leaving the car park


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