Around Preston [mainly] – seven pics

One of this week’s photos of the day went viral. As I switched off the computer for the night the picture had notched up around 40 views in a couple of hours but by the next morning that figure had rocketed to over 2000 views.

The reason for the interest soon became apparent.  Flickr had highlighted the photo in its Explore section of the site – a place I often look to myself for inspiration.  As I write this blog the number of views is nearer 3000 and around 100 people have ‘faved’ the picture.

The picture in question is a duck on the water at Preston Dock. What caught my eye was the reflection of a red brick building in the water in the late afternoon light. The building’s window’s give a blue streak on the water and add a abstract quality to the image.

Other pictures in the last week include a black and white shot taken on a walk by the River Ribble and a couple of indoor shots. There are shots from a local park (Ashton Park) and the Marina at Preston Docks.

The picture I haven’t mentioned is one of a refurbished Fish Market canopy in the centre of Preston. There have been a couple of comments on social media about the state of the wall and the fact that it doesn’t look very clean. The Council responded via Twitter to say it has been cleaned. Just doesn’t look like it! It’s hard to get the staff these days.



Farming in the City


Wine and crisps


Ashton Park


The Fish Market




Dock Reflections



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