Chatsworth, blooming marvellous

In my second post about our visit to Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, I have provided some images from the gardens. Of course they have flowers, every self-respecting stately home has formal gardens on their visitor maps. What I liked about Chatsworth House though is the way they continue to invest in the gardens with other added points of interest.

A walk through the kitchen garden revealed a shiny, modern art sculpture.  Further around the garden and they are at work assembling a crazy looking, multi-coloured tiled house.  This we learned was being put together by a team from Devon who work for the artist.

On the steps close to the house you find small hound statues, seemingly running free and there appears to be a huge team of workers making sure everything is kept in tip-top condition.

Statues are to be found throughout the grounds and I’ve included a few photographs of examples here.

The only disappointment on our visit is that much of the house is covered in scaffolding as restoration work is undertaken. Still this has to be one of my favourite houses and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a visit.



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