First impressions – Fuji XF2X converter

DSCF1021I’d just finished updating my cameras and lenses with the latest Fuji firmware when I received an email from Wex to say that the new Fujifilm XF2X converter was now in stock and ready for shipping.

Next morning it was in my hands (great service from Wex) and as with all Fuji kit, the converter, which I’d bought to extend the reach of my 50-140mm lens, feels really well made.  What I will say is that you do notice the extra bit of weight or rather the slightly ungainly feel of the lens and converter on the camera.  The balance of the lens on my X-T1 camera no longer feels ‘just right’.

These are small sacrifices to make though, if the image quality hits the mark. After all, the converter now turns the lens into a 100-280mm beast! Yes, you loose a couple of stops of light but with today’s ISO improvements and Fuji’s image stabilisation performance, I don’t think that will be an issue.

So, it’s only a couple of days in and I’ve not had chance to use the converter extensively yet but I am happy so far.

The carnival pictures below were captured in appalling conditions, so I can confirm that the camera, lens and converter do work in heavy rain.  I can also confirm that focussing is fast and I’ve not noticed any slow down in performance. Well done Fuji.

The carnival pictures are high ISO shots – I’d set the shutter speed to 1/1000 to account for the movement of the dancers and with the dull conditions ISO was in the 4000 plus ballpark.

Other example shots here come from a quick walk down the canal.  The converter allowed me to get close in to the duck and ducklings.  Most shots were sharp but on some the multi-point focussing seemed to latch onto a different area of focus to what I’d intended. I think it may be better to use the single focus point in future for these types of images. I’ve also noticed that the depth of field appears to be quite shallow at the wide open point of f5.6.

Early days yet, I will try and post more pictures when I have used the XF2X converter a bit more.

Addendum: Later in the day I got chance to test the autofocus on moving subjects. I’ve added a few pictures of some birds in flight at the end of this post. These were all captured within about a 10 minute spell. I don’t normally shoot birds so there is probably room for improvement from a technique point of view but I am happy that the autofocus, even with the converter attached managed to nail these shots. There were a few missed focus shots but these birds move quite fast and the movement is erratic. It was a hard job for me to even get them in the frame – more practice needed!




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