Seven days and seven more photos

When I did my weekly round-up of pictures last week, I commented on what a good week it had been weather-wise.  Well, all I can say is things change quickly and this week the weather has been pretty poor on the whole.

Last weekend was a good example. It was supposed to be a carnival celebration but there was nothing caribbean about the weather. It just rained constantly and I was grateful that the Fuji X-T1 and 50-140mm lens plus converter I was using are all weather proof. I couldn’t have stayed taking photos in the extremely wet conditions if they weren’t. As it was I was literally soaked to the skin!

Other pictures this week include a shot of Fulwood library in Preston; one of a number earmarked for closure by Lancashire County Council. A bit of a hot topic locally.

The converter mentioned above also features in the week’s photos. It is a new bit of kit from Fuji. It extends the reach of the 50-140mm lens and effectively turns it into a lens with a focal length of 100-280mm.

A couple of other photos this week put that lens and converter combination to the test. The duck and duckling being one and the Sea Cadets practicing in the Albert Dock being the other.

Here are the pics…



We are family


Insect on flower


Sea Cadets


New from Fuji




Fulwood Library


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