Still on track – a photo a day

This past week’s photos had a bit of a mid week blip. I still managed to get a photograph each day but other things were happening and it was more a case of just grabbing something. I guess there are always going to be times like that when photography has to come second.

The week started well. A shot of Preston’s Flag Market looking sunny and green; then a gorgeous, new grandson arrived. I’ve no doubt that he will be featuring again in this blog.

The mid week blip was only a couple of days but it involved a quick photograph of jeans on the washing line and a local convenience store with an unintentional in-camera filter added – I’d forgotten my specs and couldn’t see what I was doing!

At the end of the week, while out for a walk looking for my photo of the day, we stumbled across a number of events in progress at the local sports centre.

This gave me an opportunity to capture some fast moving cyclists as they sped around their circuit. A real test for the autofocus capabilities of my Fuji X-T1 and 50-140mm lens which coped admirably.

Here are the pics…


Welcome to the world


Race for Life


Finney House


My Local


Forever in blue jeans


Leader of the pack





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