More pictures from the Fuji 50-140mm with XF2X

I placed my order for the Fuji’s 2x teleconverter as soon as it was announced. I’ve never been disappointed by a Fuji lens and I wanted the added reach it would provide to the superb 50-140mm f2.8 lens.

I’d envisaged using the lens and converter with my X-T1 camera for wildlife and sports pictures but I have also found that this is a great combination when you want to compress the perspective and bring things in close.  The shots below are a good example.  The windmill is a well known local landmark but the boats on the shore are some distance away. The XF2C has helped to make the windmill more prominent in these pictures than it would have been without the lens.

In my earlier post I mentioned that the lens no longer feels as well balanced on the camera with the 2x converter added. Yes, this is true but it is amazing how soon you get used to the feel and I am really looking forward to using this combination more in the coming weeks.




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