Growing up in black and white

Our eldest grandson is just over seven months old and it’s always a joy to see him. He has grown up so much in just a few months – his development is truly amazing.

For these informal portrait shots I used my Fuji X-T1 together with the 50-140mm f2.8 lens. This is such a great combination for this type of work and it’s a set up I probably use more than any other for commercial portraits too.

One of the things Fuji cameras are known for is the quality of their jpegs and the great film simulations available in-camera. These photographs however, were all converted to black and white in post production but I’m really looking forward to trying out the black and white Acros film simulation which will be available on the Fuji X-T2.








Another week in pictures

It’s Friday again and another week of pictures has been completed as part of my 366 day photo-a-day challenge.

The week started at Blackpool Zoo where I was working, covering a corporate event. It was a family day and what a great place it was to capture some happy smiling faces. I’ve not sought permission to feature any of those shots here so it was a kangaroo that made my pic-of-the-day.

A couple of shots this week had a summer feel with bright flowers and butterflies. There’s also another shot of my grandson Jude. It’s another shot with his eyes shut – he always seems to sleep through our visits!

There’s also a shot of Preston Marina and a sports picture from a football tournament. The last shot of the week is probably a slightly odd one.  I was messing about with off-camera flash and coloured gels on what was a rainy day. See my picture of safety glasses for the result of that little experiment.


Blackpool Zoo

On the ball

Red Admiral

In the garden

Preston Marina

Safety glasses


Ludham, Norfolk in pictures

For my final post on Norfolk my pictures come from a couple of days in the countryside. We stayed close to the village of Ludham. Well, about a two mile walk away, down a country lane.  It’s a pleasant walk, which one of the locals described as not particularly scenic.  A fair assessment for Norfolk perhaps but it’s all relative!

We found Ludham itself to be a pretty enough place with some lovely thatched properties. There is a pub, a tea room, a church and moorings for boats with a small shop.  There’s also a convenience store in the centre of the village.

Many people spend their holidays on the Norfolk Broads, sailing the waterways that spread out across this area. There are a couple of stopping off points in the area where you can moor your boat for the day and explore the local area or stock up with vital supplies.

Ludham Bridge is one of those stopping off points and just down the road is the interestingly named pub, The Dog Inn. We popped in for a beer to two and a bite to eat. The beer was good but the food only average.

The area also has some great looking buildings included a few featuring the Dutch style gable ends – this renaissance architectural style being a bit of a feature in this part of the world.

This post concludes my look at Norfolk but I’m still going strong with my 366 day challenge so keep an eye out for my weekly updates.

As always all photos here were taken with the Fuji X-Series of cameras and lenses.



Fishing on the Norfolk Broads


Low Bridge


The Broads


Farming country


Crossing point


Thatched cottages


St Catherine’s Church


Dutch style gable


The Dog Inn




Great Yarmouth, Norfolk in pictures

In my last blog, I featured a few images from the pretty seaside resort of Cromer on the Norfolk coast. Our next stop in Norfolk was the bigger and some would say brasher, resort of Great Yarmouth.

Great Yarmouth is sometimes referred to as the Norfolk equivalent of Blackpool and there are similarities. Both of these popular resorts have a Pleasure Beach, Winter Gardens and  tacky seaside shops.  I noticed a plethora of tattoo parlours in Great Yarmouth, each seemed to have people outside touting for business.  Do so many people really want a tattoo when they go on holiday?

Great Yarmouth also has a port area but it isn’t particularly attractive. We watched as they raised the road bridge to let a couple of pleasure boats pass underneath and also took a stroll past some larger commercial vessels in the dock area.

The beach is a great place on a sunny day and you could spend the day there people watching. While the resort it has many plus points, particularly for families, I think I preferred the quieter charm of Cromer.

In the next blog I’ll feature some images from when we moved in land to the Norfolk Broads.


Colourful characters


Heading to the sea


The docks


Gathering clouds


Walk along the beach


Fast food




Pleasure Beach


Donkey Rides




Cromer, Norfolk in pictures

We recently spent a week in Norfolk, an area of the UK we’d not visited before. Here are a few pictures from the first stop of our trip.

The area is perhaps best known for the Norfolk Broads but we headed for the coast and the pretty resort of Cromer.

Cromer is slightly bigger than I expected but it has a nice feel to it and everything seems quite gentile. There are enough shops, plenty of places to eat and drink, plus a few attractions if you don’t want to just sit on the beach.

Next stop was Great Yarmouth and I’ll be posting a few pictures from there soon.


The Pier


The beach


Afternoon stroll


Beach Huts


Beach and buildings


Two heads, one bag


Parish Church


Cromer Pier


Two weeks of daily photos

Normally I post a week’s worth of photos at a time as part of my 2016, 366 day challenge  but I’ve been away in Norfolk so this post covers 14 days.

It was nice to see that another of my pictures was again chosen to be highlighted on the Flickr ‘Explore’ pages. It’s now received over 6,000 views and been faved almost 150 times.  See if you can guess which picture received all the attention. It was a shot from Norfolk.

I may do a separate post about the Norfolk trip – I took quite a few pictures! I’ll try and get that post done soon.

As usual there is a real mix of subject matter and again all the photos have been taken with Fuji X-Series cameras and lenses.

A special mention too for my niece Olivia who graduated from the University of Central Lancashire. I just managed to catch up with her as they were leaving and a picture in Preston Bus Station car park came out pretty well considering the location.


The bridge




In the garden


Good morning light


Ludlum, Norfolk


Great Yarmouth


Cromer Pier #2


Cromer Pier


Ashton Park


Gone Fishing


Great Yarmouth #2


Poppy and crops


Waiting, Preston Station


Black and white portraits

It was a pleasure to have my sister-in-law, Jane stopping with us the last couple of weeks. While she was here I took a few portrait shots.  The photos I gave to Jane were all colour shots but here I thought I’d share a few black and white versions.  I do like a black and white portrait.

All these pictures were taken with the Fuji X-T1 with the 50-140mm lens.  Lighting was from a Nikon SB-900 flashgun which was fired into an octo-softbox.  For some of the shots a second flash was used either as a hair light or to provide a bit of fill light from below by bouncing it off a tiled floor.