A bunch of flowers from Fuji

What a delightful bunch of flowers. All delivered from the wonderful Fuji X-T1 with either the  50-140mm zoom lens or the underrated (by some) 60mm macro lens.

Both these lenses produce lovely contrasty images and when you combine this with the Fuji Velvia setting you get gorgeous rich colours ideal for flower photography.

The images below were shot in RAW and the Velvia option within the ‘Develop’ section of Lightroom was chosen.  In some cases the vivid colour was toned down slightly but I like the rich saturation that the setting provides here.  Velvia is also available as one of the film emulsion settings in-camera if you want to shoot JPEGs.

There will be more flowers featuring in my end of week wrap-up as part of my ongoing photo-a-day project.





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