Great Yarmouth, Norfolk in pictures

In my last blog, I featured a few images from the pretty seaside resort of Cromer on the Norfolk coast. Our next stop in Norfolk was the bigger and some would say brasher, resort of Great Yarmouth.

Great Yarmouth is sometimes referred to as the Norfolk equivalent of Blackpool and there are similarities. Both of these popular resorts have a Pleasure Beach, Winter Gardens and  tacky seaside shops.  I noticed a plethora of tattoo parlours in Great Yarmouth, each seemed to have people outside touting for business.  Do so many people really want a tattoo when they go on holiday?

Great Yarmouth also has a port area but it isn’t particularly attractive. We watched as they raised the road bridge to let a couple of pleasure boats pass underneath and also took a stroll past some larger commercial vessels in the dock area.

The beach is a great place on a sunny day and you could spend the day there people watching. While the resort it has many plus points, particularly for families, I think I preferred the quieter charm of Cromer.

In the next blog I’ll feature some images from when we moved in land to the Norfolk Broads.


Colourful characters


Heading to the sea


The docks


Gathering clouds


Walk along the beach


Fast food




Pleasure Beach


Donkey Rides





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