Another week in pictures

It’s Friday again and another week of pictures has been completed as part of my 366 day photo-a-day challenge.

The week started at Blackpool Zoo where I was working, covering a corporate event. It was a family day and what a great place it was to capture some happy smiling faces. I’ve not sought permission to feature any of those shots here so it was a kangaroo that made my pic-of-the-day.

A couple of shots this week had a summer feel with bright flowers and butterflies. There’s also another shot of my grandson Jude. It’s another shot with his eyes shut – he always seems to sleep through our visits!

There’s also a shot of Preston Marina and a sports picture from a football tournament. The last shot of the week is probably a slightly odd one.  I was messing about with off-camera flash and coloured gels on what was a rainy day. See my picture of safety glasses for the result of that little experiment.


Blackpool Zoo

On the ball

Red Admiral

In the garden

Preston Marina

Safety glasses



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