This week’s pictures of the day

Another week of pictures, ranging from a bit of architecture, including a church in Preston which the Pope has declared a cathedral, to a wedding in Lytham (just passing thru mind, not taking the pics on this occasion). Apart from that one Lytham picture and a shot of the canal at Bilsborrow, it’s Preston all the way.

I’ve been shooting a few more of the City’s buildings this week. A couple of shots are included here including a black and white shot of a city office block – sometimes monochrome works best and I think that was the case with this shot.

Another building I was out capturing was Preston Guild Hall which has improved a lot in recent months following the take-over by entrepreneur Simon Rigby.

During the week, I’ve also shot a bit of Sport and some Stock photography. It’s a busy time of year and often the shot I choose as the picture of the day shot is just one I took early in the day i.e. it was one of the first to be ready.

Here are the shots…


Offices, Preston


Lytham Wedding


Lancaster Canal



Pope declares Lancashire Church a cathedral for Indian Catholics

St Ignatius


Tustin Court




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