PNE Ladies friendly

One area of photography that I’ve not done much of is Sport. They say to be good at it you’ve got to practice lots and the more you practice the better you get. Like most thing really and I still need a lot of practice!  Still, it’s always good to try out new genres of photography.

And, It was with this in mind that I thought about taking in a few games this season following Preston North End Ladies football team (that’s soccer team if you are reading this in the United States). The team play locally to me and if I’m not busy on other projects it’s easy to get down to their games. The season hasn’t started yet but there was an opportunity today to take in a pre-season friendly. This was a good work out for photographer and team!

So, here are a few photos. The opposition was Burscough Ladies who provided a stiff test, beating Preston by one goal to nil.

A few pictures from the warm-up and team talks first (click on a pic to enter ‘slideshow’ view):


And here are some shots from the game itself:


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