My 366 project has a blip

I guess technically I’ve failed with my 366 project because on one day last week I was somewhat indisposed with no access to a camera.  I did actually take a picture on my iPad but decided it wasn’t suitable for publication.

That means there are only six photos this week and a number of these have a bit of an autumn feel to them.

Another pic of the day was a property picture – an interior shot of a kitchen in a house to let.  I was helping my sister out here because, as is often the case, the agent’s shots were pretty awful. When so many people see a house for the first time on-line, I can’t understand why estate agents/sellers don’t invest more in proper photography. Anyway, within a couple of days of getting the new pictures the house was let!

So, blip over, my 366 project continues and by the end of the year I should end up with 365 photos.  I’ll still be happy if I can get to that point without any more misses.


Property photo


Avenham Park


The River Ribble


Ashton Park


Wooden gate




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