In Pictures: Fylde Ladies -v-Wren Rovers

It was a comfortable win for Fylde Ladies today in their cup game against Wren Rovers at UCLan Arena. It was nice to see Fylde down at UCLan in Preston – they played some excellent football and put in a dominant performance winning 6-0.

Here are a few photographs from the game. Click on any photo to enter slideshow.


A week in photos

I really feel like I’m getting closer to the end of this 366 day project now.  The week’s photos are a mixed bunch again with everything from a black and white portrait shot of our grandson, Jude, to  a driving shot at night from a wet Preston. There’s also a very attractive pigeon – now does that make me a pigeon fancier?

The only shot this week that was taken outside of Preston is from a drive through the Trough of Bowland. The Trough is about an hour’s drive away. It was a very cold day and I didn’t really get the pictures I wanted but that’s just how it goes sometimes.

The driving at night picture taken from inside the car was another of those days when it was a struggle to get a picture. It was getting late, it had been raining constantly all day and I needed to do something. I set off with the tripod and camera strapped into the back of the car and just drove through the streets pressing the shutter as I went. The slow shutter provided the warp speed-like light trails.

All the photos were taken on the Fuji X-T2.



In Pictures: Rugby League UCLan-v-Chester

Time for a bit more sports photography practice today with a Rugby League game between UCLan and Chester.

It was a glorious, sunny day down at the UCLan Arena and it was perfect for a hard fought game of rugby.

Here are the photos. Click on any photo to enter slideshow view.

Seven pictures from last week

This last week has been a bit of a wet one. On one day I was stuck inside taking photos of knitting it was that wet! Thankfully, however, I did manage to get out on the other days to take some pictures. Two of the pictures came from Preston Docks whilst another two came from Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday. There’s also a picture from on the coast at Blackpool which features the iconic Tower.

My final picture from the week is an exterior shot of Furniture Village at night.  I’d been inside doing a rather strange job which involved furniture and cats.

I now feel like I’m getting to towards the end of my picture a day challenge. I don’t think I’ll be repeating this particular challenge next year but will try and come up with something new to keep the creative juices flowing. Here are my photographs from last week.




Armistice Day 2016


Remembrance Day


Preston Marina at night


The Tower


A Flock of Seagulls


Furniture Village 

In Pictures: PNE Ladies-v-Academy Juniors

PNE Ladies and Academy Juniors are two teams that up until today had still to win a game in the league this season. Something had to give and in the end it was Preston’s superior organisation and passing football that won the day.

Preston had dominated the first half and could have scored three or four goals but after 45 minutes it was 1-1, with all to play for in the second half.

Preston started the second half strongly and managed to add to their goal tally. At 2-1 Preston had to withstand a bit of pressure from Academy but they held out and in the end won the game fairly comfortably, finishing up as 4-1 winners.

Let’s hope this is the result that kickstarts Preston’s season.

Here are a few photographs from the game. Click on any pictures to enter slideshow view. You can check out more photographs from PNE Ladies games from the home page.

Not quite photo of the day…but I like them!

My photo of the day project sometimes means that I overlook over photos I’ve taken and they don’t get featured.  I thought I’d put that right today by selecting a few recent photos that could easily have been picked as my photo of the day.

All these photos were taken on the Fuji X-T2.  One image made the Flickr explore page and has been viewed over 5,000 times in a couple of days. Perhaps that one should have made photo of the day!

So here they are, a few additional favourites from the last few weeks.

dscf0163dscf0910-edit-2dscf1241Preston, United Kingdom. 26th October 2016. Magnicent autumn coldscf1832-editdscf1861dscf2300dscf2306dscf2318dscf2321



Two weeks – 14 photos of the day

You can tell the days are getting shorter. What I I actually mean is the number of daylight hours are fewer. When I look back over the last two weeks many of my photographs have been taken at night. That may be a feature over the coming weeks.

I like taking photographs at night. It can make a scene that looks dull and dreary look interesting. My photograph of Church Street in Preston is one such example. Grey skies and rain in the day but at night lights reflected off wet pavements and the warm inviting interior of the city centre pub make for a better shot.

Another feature of the shorter days is that all the photographs have been taken locally, within 20 miles of home. I can’t make every photo a photo of the day and I may add another post to feature some of the other pictures I’ve been taking recently. Look out for that one soon.

Here are the 14 pictures. All taken on the Fuji X-T2 with a selection of lenses. Click on any picture to enter slideshow.