Two weeks – 14 photos of the day

You can tell the days are getting shorter. What I I actually mean is the number of daylight hours are fewer. When I look back over the last two weeks many of my photographs have been taken at night. That may be a feature over the coming weeks.

I like taking photographs at night. It can make a scene that looks dull and dreary look interesting. My photograph of Church Street in Preston is one such example. Grey skies and rain in the day but at night lights reflected off wet pavements and the warm inviting interior of the city centre pub make for a better shot.

Another feature of the shorter days is that all the photographs have been taken locally, within 20 miles of home. I can’t make every photo a photo of the day and I may add another post to feature some of the other pictures I’ve been taking recently. Look out for that one soon.

Here are the 14 pictures. All taken on the Fuji X-T2 with a selection of lenses. Click on any picture to enter slideshow.





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