Three weeks – one photo a day

It’s now three weeks since I last provided an update on my photo-a-day project and during the last few weeks the days have got noticeably shorter.

Fewer daylight hours has meant that more of my photos have been taken at night. One popular image on my Twitter account (@pjmimages) has been the nights shot of Preston’s Christmas tree and lights in the city centre. It was sad to read on Blog Preston that the Christmas tree has been vandalised a number of times since it was erected. Glad I at least managed to capture it in all its glory before it was damaged.

In the last couple of weeks I have also visited the Lake District, spending a few days at Bowness-on-Windermere. The weather was good for the time of year and though cold it was a great few days for photography – a few shots are featured below.

For one portrait picture idea, I didn’t have anyone willing to model for me and had to resort to putting myself in the picture! It’s not the easiest of tasks taking a selfie from about 10 feet away in the dark but I just about pulled it off. I’d probably have got a few more shots if I could have stayed at the back of the camera!

Here are the photos, click on any picture to see larger versions…


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