The Grandchildren visit – the best Christmas presents of all.

The best Christmas presents of all came in the shape of of our two wonderful grandchildren. They are still a bit too young to understand much about festive traditions so were happy to play with wrapping paper and cardboard boxes as much as the presents! They also seemed to enjoy seeing the family just as much as we did, which was really nice as they were inevitably the focus of attention.

I had to take a few photographs of course and I thought I’d share some pictures here.

One of the images (a black and white portrait of Jude, our youngest grandson) appeared on the Flickr ‘explore’ pages when I posted it. It was viewed around 6,000 times in just 24 hours and many people commented and highlighted it as a favourite.

Another favourite of mine is the family group shot where Alexander (who has just started walking) came racing towards the camera as I took the shot, thereby ensuring that he was the focus of attention in the picture. Makes me smile every time I see it!





2 thoughts

    • The pictures were taken on two different days. The family portrait I referred to was of Andrew, Laura and Alexander. Alexander obviously stole the show on that one just about obscuring Andrew and Laura! It was lovely to get a few pictures of them over Christmas though.


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