Photos but without the pressure

I’ve been enjoying this year so far. From a photographic point of view it has been good and  I’m not missing the pressure of last year’s 365 project. When I think about it though,  I’ve probably taken pictures most days anyway.

The lack of a 365 project has also meant I’ve been neglecting the blog posts a little bit too. So here we have a few images taken during the first three weeks of this year. I’ve not travelled anywhere of note so far in 2017, so these images have all been captured locally.

As usual the pictures were taken on my Fuji X-Series cameras, mainly the X-T2 but on occasions I’ve also used the x100 and X-T1 cameras too.

This first image is a night image which involved a bit of light painting of a sculpture by artist Denis O’Connor. The sculpture stands on the Ribble Link part of the canal close to the UCLan Sports Centre in Preston.


This next image shows the “Guild Tower” office block. The building is due to be developed into an Aparthotel. This shot was taken from the car park of Preston Bus Station.


This next shot is from Lytham. I’d gone along specifically to capture high tide. Usually you can walk along this jetty for another 50 yards or so. The sun was directly facing the camera which presented a few difficulties so this is a blended picture from three different exposures.


Winckley Square in Preston has had a bit of a spruce up recently and this picture shows the new paths which criss-cross the square. It just seemed to work better in black and white.


This shot of Lytham St Annes pier came at the end of a week when the sky has been covered in a thick blanket of cloud. Then at last the gloom lifted and the sun appeared – spirits are raised once again. A polariser and Fuji’s Velvia film simulation provided the rich colours.


Another night image. It’s that time of year when it goes dark so early. The long exposure of around 30 seconds provided the traffic light trails as vehicles left and entered Preston at the end of the day.



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