Fuji XF50mm F2 WR – first impressions

The latest lens from Fuji for the X-Series of cameras is the XF50mF2 R WR. It has been described by some as a slightly strange focal length. In 35mm terms, it is a short telephoto lens which falls a bit short of what is generally thought to be the ideal for portraits.

I’m not sure who Fuji had in mind as the target audience for this lens but I thought I’d share with you my reasons for buying it, together with a few photos and first impressions.

I already own two lenses that cover this focal length (18-55mm and 50-140mm) plus I also have the 60mm macro lens. So, let me explain my reasons for adding the 50mm f2.

In the last 12 months I have been taking quite a lot of photos of my grandchildren. Quite a number of these photos have been taken inside in low light conditions where space is limited. This is where I believe the new lens will offer some benefits over my existing kit.

The 50mm is small and light with a reasonably wide f2 aperture.  This for me beats the bulk and f2.8 aperture of the excellent 50-140mm lens, which I see more as a professional tool for events etc.

Another benefit is the autofocus speed. The 50mm lens acquires focus faster than any other Fuji lens I own and I hope it will be ideal for unpredictable children. I’ve used the 60mm lens to take portraits in the past and the results are excellent but it’s not the fastest lens when it comes to focussing, even after various software updates on the latest generation of cameras. My main camera these days is the Fuji X-T2.

As regards build quality, the lens feels extremely well made. The aperture clicks and manual focus ring are the smoothest I’ve come across on the Fuji lenses with just the right amount of resistance.

So that’s my rational for buying the lens together with a few first impressions. As I’ve only had the lens a couple of days I haven’t had chance to try it out on the grandchildren yet. Nor have I had time to take many photos with this lens but here are a few images I have taken with it in the last couple of days. I don’t get into pixel peeping but so far, I can say I’m happy with my latest purchase.

I’ll follow up this post with more pictures and impressions of the 50mm f2 in the near future.



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