Week two of the 365 day challenge

My 365 day photo challenge is now two-weeks old and below are my pictures from the last seven days but first a bit of an explanation…

You may notice that York again features strongly. That is because this last week we spent more time in the beautiful city of York, our second visit of the year.

I’ve actually included an extra picture here from York. It’s a view of the Millennium Bridge at night which I posted on Flickr. It was picked up and featured on their daily ‘Explore’ pages which kind of guarantees lots of views. In just two days it had received almost 10.000 views.  Perhaps I should have made that one my pic of the day rather than the one I did choose!


On a couple of days, I did struggle with my pictures. On the way back from York, I had to rely on a quickly grabbed picture from the side of the road. Then the following day I went down to Preston Docks hoping for a sunset that never quite delivered.

My final two photos this week included a still life photo of a beer bottle. You wouldn’t believe how long it took to get the lighting right on this one. It involved two strobes, some home made flags (to block light spill) and a torch.  The Robin picture also required patience. Nothing for around an hour before the bird arrived and I got my pic.

As usual, all pictures here were taken on the Fuji X-T2.  You can also follow my 365 day challenge as it happens on Instagram and on Flickr

Here are the pictures…




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