Wow! So many views as one picture goes viral

Ok that’s another week of photos completed for my 365 Project. Four weeks now and at times this week has been tough. There’s been some lousy weather; dull and wet with boring grey skies but thankfully there has been some glimmers of good light too.

One particular bright point at the beginning of the week really kept me going.  I’d been trying to decide on my pic of the day. It had been another dull, wet, grey day but I made a last minute decision to drive out to Lytham in the hope that the rain would stop and I’d get the one picture I needed.

As it happens, I’m glad I made the effort because the picture I took during the briefest of sunsets at St Annes pier was picked up for the Flickr Explore pages.

That’s my second picture this year to be highlighted on the site. It’s kind of a showcase to the world – a selection of noteworthy pictures from the last 24 hours.  The response was phenomenal, even more so than last time.  In the space of about five hours my picture of the sunset ay Lytham St Annes had received well over 50,000 views and the figure is now nearing 70,000! That makes it my most viewed picture on the Flickr site by quite a large margin.

However, St Annes wasn’t my only sunset picture of the week. On Saturday I set off with a picture in mind but then saw a dramatic sky developing.  I made a decision to divert to Preston docks for my pic of the day. The colours in the sky were stunning. Fortunately I arrived just in time to catch a view along the River Ribble. Nature was putting on a show as the sky turned purple, pink, yellow, orange and red plus a few shades in-between.  It was a privilege to see and I’m glad I captured it, even though this time the shot didn’t get quite so many views!

The seven shots from my week can be seen below. All the photos were taken on the Fuji X-T2.

If you want any more details on the pictures featured, just let me know in the comments. You can also see my 365 Photos as I post them on Flickr and on Instagram.  Give me a follow to keep up to date.

Hopefully I will be back next week with another seven pictures.




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